Collection: Pens

Pens are made from stainless steel chambers coated in epoxy. They contain a gel ink cartridge with one refill.

Terms of Services:

Digital File(s) Terms of Services


By completing the purchase of this item, you agree to utilize these files in alignment with the Terms and Services listed below. Gracelynne Co. reserves the right to revoke licensing privileges at any time if you are misusing the licensing terms listed below. Gracelynne Co. is not responsible if the purchaser utilizes the file in conjunction with trademarked designs/logos and will not be held liable for any legal limitations for the user’s intended use. Gracelynne Co. is not liable for any infringement or penalty that may result from illegal or improper use of the files purchased.

  • When purchasing a tumbler template digital file from Gracelynne Co. You will receive one digital design file in 3 formats: JPEG, SVG, and PNG; Tumbler Template Instructions & Terms of Service.
  • Redistributing, selling, or trading these files out to other individuals or companies is not permitted. The purchase of this file is intended for a single owner for use and should not be shared with others. Another file should be purchased by additional individuals or companies if they wish to use the file(s).
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  • The file(s) may be used to create gifts for family and friends; or create handmade products for resale. These products must be made by the purchaser. No third-party creators or vendors may utilize the file(s).
  • You are prohibited from selling, trading, or redistributing the file(s); claiming Gracelynne Co. file(s) as your own; creating work with the file(s) that you intend to copyright; using the file(s) to create digital items for resale. This includes modifying or altering the design for resale.